• Buresh Blog: Springtime severe weather.... Michael upgraded to Cat. 5

    By: Michael Buresh


    April 23, 2019 - April showers turned into storms Fri., April 19th as a strong upper level disturbance combined with a strong cold front brought a 3-day stretch of severe weather (common this time of year) starting in the Plains Wed.... to the Tennessee & Central Gulf Coast Thu.... then to Jacksonville, the Southeast & east coast Fri.

    There were 30+ reports of severe weather across NE Fl./SE Ga. including a few funnel clouds & at least one confirmed tornado in Camden Co., Ga.  Records were set for wind gusts & lowest sea level pressure:

    Brunswick, Ga. funnel cloud:

    Mobile home destroyed in Waycross, Ga. - 1 injury - family of 3 home at the time of the storm.  Local folks have set up accounts to try to help the family recover - * here *.

    Confederate Point, Jacksonville:

    Kingsland, Ga. (likely microburst):

    Near Callahan, Nassau Co., Fl.:

    Also on Fri., April 19th.... the NHC upgraded - as anticipated - hurricane Michael to a Cat. 5 upon landfall on the Central Fl. Panhandle - the most intense hurricane to ever hit the Panhandle.... the strongest Fl. landfall since Andrew in 1992... & only the 4th Cat. 5 landfall in U.S. history (Labor Day hurricane, 1935 [Keys]... Camille, 1969 [Central Gulf Coast].... & Andrew, 1992 [Homestead, S. Miami]).  Read my blog posts "Visiting Ground Zero"... the podcast: "Surviving Michael".... & "Forecasting a Monster".  The NHC tropical cyclone report is * here *.

    Mexico Beach:

    Mexico Beach:

    Port St. Joe (storm surge):

    NOAA satellite:

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