Buresh Blog: Travel weather... La Nina & drought update... Feeding Northeast Florida

Buresh Blog: Travel weather... La Nina & drought update... Feeding Northeast Florida

Jacksonville, FL — The last week of the 2020 hurricane season! - “Talking the Tropics With Mike”.

‘Tis the season for travel.... well - usually anyway. Overall... there will be far fewer travelers for Thanksgiving week due to the pandemic but some will still fly or drive somewhere. For weather conditions, go * here *.... state by state road conditions/N.W.S. * here *... for airports, go * here *.

Tomorrow’s travel forecast:

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The latest Climate Prediction Center La Nina forecast has upped the ante with a 95% chance of La Nina conditions continuing if not increasing Jan. - March.... a 65% of a La Nina continuing March - May. La Nina is a cooling of the equatorial Pacific which has continued to become more pronounced in recent weeks. More details on La Nina in the “Buresh Blog”, Sept. 17th.

La Nina events are known for active hurricane seasons (2020 was a record breaker) & - for the Southeast U.S. - drier than avg. winters/springs which could be bad news for our local wildfire season which typically peaks in April & May.

There are hints of drying entering parts of the local area - especially inland SE Georgia along with Camden & Nassau Counties.

“Feeding Northeast Florida” is desperately in need of funds for the local area’s hungry. To donate, go * here *. The annual “Empty Bowls” luncheon has gone virtual this year - * here *... video * here *.

Raising awareness for the 360,000 individuals in Northeast Florida facing food insecurity.

1 in 4 adults in Northeast Florida will face hunger by the end of 2020.

Follow @feedingnefl to learn about the impact of COVID-19 and food insecurity. Visit jaxemptybowls.com to help us fill #MoreEmptyBowls in Northeast Florida.