Buresh Blog: Tropics, Hot!, July averages


Buresh Blog: Tropics, Hot!, July averages

July 2, 2019 — Updated every day through the hurricane season: "Talking the Tropics With Mike"...... mid to late July should be a period where we see our first true activity of the Atlantic hurricane season.  Casting a wary eye on upward "vertical velocities" that will be spreading across the Atlantic Basin the next few weeks which often correlates with an uptick in tropical activity.  Not a sure thing but something to watch.

We're in another hot/dry stretch of weather to begin the month of July.  Our "wet season" finally kicked in mid June only to sputter again late in the month.  In many spots, rainfall is more than 2" below avg. since June 1st - a big problem since avg. temps. are in the 90s daily.  Our avg. June temp. of 82.4 degrees was the 11th hottest on record for the month.

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July averages:

Low / High - 1st: 72 / 91 degrees... 31st: 73 / 92

Rainfall: 6.55"

Sunrise / Sunset - 1st - 6:28am / 8:33pm.... 31st - 6:44am / 8:21pm - lose 26 min. of daylight.

June rainfall from our Jax N.W.S.:

FL   JASPER                      6.66
FL   MAYO                                  9.13
FL   BEAUCLERC                             5.64
FL   JACKSONVILLE BEACH                    6.33
FL   FERNANDINA BEACH          8.10
FL   LIVE OAK                      2.04
FL   LAKE CITY                             6.24
FL   LAKE CITY 2 E                    5.06
FL   GLEN ST MARY 1 W                2.61                
FL   PALM COAST 6 NE          9.04        
FL   CRESCENT CITY                         8.55            
FL   GAINESVILLE RGNL AP             9.61    
FL   HASTINGS 4NE              6.22                   
FL   OCALA                    7.23                         
FL   WHITE SPRINGS 7N               4.08          
FL   JACKSONVILLE INTL AP        4.41          
FL   JACKSONVILLE NAS          3.89
FL   BELL 4NW                 6.92            
FL   FEDERAL POINT                7.87                                                                                         
GA   PRIDGEN                              7.11
GA   ALMA BACON CO AP        3.87
GA   NAHUNTA 6 NE            7.75                  
GA   FARGO 17 NE            3.31               
GA   BRUNSWICK             6.58     
GA   WOODBINE                     7.16

Just in time for the long Independence Day weekend, the Environmental Working Group just updated it's Guide to Sunscreens with 150 more SPF products.
The link to the 2019 Sunscreens Guide: * here*.
Lists of products by category:
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Best Moisturizers with SPF * here *
Best Lip Balms with SPF * here *
Best Sunscreens for Kids * here *
And remember, sunscreen is just one tool in the sun safety toolbox.
Dress in protective clothing, such as light cotton fabric with a tight weave and wide-brimmed hats that shade the face, scalp, neck and ears.
Choose a lotion instead of a spray. Sunscreen sprays pose inhalation risks and provide inadequate protection. If you must use a pump or spray, apply it to your hands first and then wipe it on your skin.   
Avoid products that contain retinyl palmitate, a form of Vitamin A.
Select a sunscreen with an SPF greater than fifteen but less than 50.
Don't forget to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.