Buresh Blog: Warm 2019!... Dense Fog Days... Storm Warnings... Pollen!

Buresh Blog: Warm 2019!... Dense Fog Days... Storm Warnings... Pollen!

Jacksonville, Fl. — In previous blog posts, I highlighted weather events from the past year as well as the past decade. Some final numbers & analysis follow:

First - & probably foremost - 2019 was very warm. In fact, the warmest on record since the “official” Jacksonville thermometer was moved to JIA in 1956. Taking into account the thermometer’s location downtown from 1871 to 1955... 2019 was still the 2nd warmest on record!

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2019 also had a record low number of dense fog days with only 14 compared to the annual average of 36 & well below the previous record of 20 days. The exact cause is debate-able but the reason might be tied to the lack of much real cold air during the winter (typically our foggiest period) & milder ocean temps. (surf temps. only briefly fell into the 50s).

The year ended up with below average rainfall - by about 6″ officially at JIA - but we still had some stormy days. More than 270 severe t’storm warnings were issued by our Jax N.W.S. along with 17 tornado warnings none of which were for Duval Co.

With the mild winter so far..... only 1 official freeze so far at JIA (Dec. 3rd)... & the 48th straight month (January) with at least one day reaching 80 degrees... we’re in for an early pollen season for the second straight year. As of Tue., Jan. 7th, pine pollen was as far north as parts of Clay, Putnam & St. Johns Co. The pine pollen will soon be as far north as I-10 then into SE Ga. shortly thereafter. A hard freeze would slow the process, but a hard freeze does not appear to be in the cards anytime soon. Oak pollen is more problematic for many pollen sufferers & usually follows the peak of the pine pollen by about 3 - 5 weeks depending on weather.