Buresh Blog: Wetter pattern... April 8 (2024!) solar eclipse

Jacksonville Fl. — Abnormally dry conditions have continued to increase across NE Fl. & have been spreading into previously wetter SE Ga. Most of NE Florida is 4-6″ below avg. for the year so far & has become particularly dry since March 1st.

That’s critical as we head for the peak of the wildfire season through May. Wildfire Awareness Week highlights being prepared - click * here *.

There’s some good news in that there are indications of a wetter pattern - at least for a while - in mid April as a large upper level trough of low pressure becomes rather persistent across the Northern U.S. This pattern change will keep a frontal system pretty close to Fl./Ga. bringing higher rain chances. There will also be some big temp. swings while the Northern latitudes endure some ice & snow pretty deep into spring.

We just passed the date - April 8th - that marks 4 years to the next “Great American Eclipse”! Only about 64% of the sun will be obscured in Jacksonville but there will be a long track of totality from Texas to Northern Maine. The countdown is on!