• Unseasonably hot deep into fall... billion dollar U.S. natural disasters

    By: Michael Buresh


    Oct. 11, 2017 - Hot enough for ya'?? Well... the middle of our summer wasn't all that bad -- compared to average.  But the heat has continued deep into Oct. which is the unusual part.

    We - Jax - average 82 90-degree days a year.  As of Oct. 10th, we're at 88 this year. The avg. last 90 degree day is Sept. 24th.... the latest on record is Oct. 27th in 2010.  The breakdown (first number vs. avg.)

    April: 3 (1)

    May: 13 (8)

    June: 10 (17)

    July: 26 (24)

    Aug.: 21 (21)

    Sept.: 11 (10)

    Through Oct. 10: 4 (1)

    So how about a little snow to cool things off?  Chart below is the avg. date of the first snowfall of the season across the U.S.:

    2017 has been costly across the U.S. when it comes to natural disasters.  Topping the list is the most active hurricane season - for U.S. landfalls - since 2005.  There have been 15 separate billion-dollar natural disasters tying the year with 2011 (very big tornado year) for the most on record in a given year.

    Erik Pindrock tweeted the interesting image below showing the amount of U.S. real estate impacted by tropical storm &/or hurricane force winds this year so far which includes virtually all of Fl.... the entire gulf coast.... & the east coast as far north as N. Carolina.

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