• Talking the Tropics With Mike: Old front across the Atlantic & Caribbean

    By: Michael Buresh


    Nov. 28, 2017 - Photos: Must-see photos of Irma damage in Jacksonville area .... hurricane Irma recap

    The "Buresh Bottom Line": Always be prepared!..... City of Jacksonville Preparedness Guide... Georgia Hurricane Guide.  

    Thu. - Nov. 30th - last day of the 2017 hurricane season!.......

    There are no areas of concern over the Atlantic Basin.

    A stalled front is triggering scattered, disorganized showers & t'storms from the Central & Western Atlantic to the Caribbean but no surface development is indicated.

    Images below from the Storm Prediction Center showing tornadoes (preliminary counts) spawned by U.S. landfalling tropical cyclones.  The great majority were associated with "Harvey" - 57.  The 119 for the year ranks 4th since 1995 only behind 2008, 2005 & 2004.

    Map below tweeted by Erik Pindrock shows virtually all of Fl. has experienced at least tropical storm force winds this year... as well as the entire Gulf Coast... & as far north as N. Carolina on the east coast:

    2017 ACE - Accumulated Cyclone Energy - according to Dr. Phil Klotzbach.  September was way above avg. (largely Irma & Maria) but otherwise pretty close to average....

    Interesting tweet & graph from Dr. Phil Klotzbach, CSU - "no statistically significantly trend":

    Deep oceanic heat content continues to wane as we head toward the end of the hurricane season.....

    Sea surface temp. anomalies:

    East Atlantic IR satellite:

    Mid & upper level wind shear (enemy of tropical cyclones) analysis (CIMMS). 

    SE U.S. surface map:

    Surface analysis centered on the tropical Atlantic:

    Surface analysis of the Gulf:


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