What to do during a storm

What to do during a storm

Tips on what to do when a storm is hitting your area.


When a hurricane hits, do everything you can to protect yourself:

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  • Stay inside, away from windows and doors.
  • Close all interior doors — secure and brace external ones.
  • Don't use the telephone or electrical appliances.
  • Make sure all electrical and gas appliances are turned off.
  • Do not open the refrigerator door except when necessary.
  • If the storm becomes intense, retreat to an interior "safe room". If you fear your house will come down, place a mattress over you in your safe room. If in the bathroom, get in the bathtub with a mattress covering you.
  • In a high-rise building or condo, avoid upper floors, where the wind is strongest, and the ground floor, where flooding is possible.
  • Monitor local radio and television stations.
  • Don't leave your home or shelter until emergency officials say it's safe. You may be in the eye, with more of the storm to come.


If you do not feel safe during the storm, head immediately to the "safe room" in your home.

A secure room should be an interior room that has enough space for everyone, and a quick way out if necessary. It should be a secure, windowless (but ventilated) place. It can be a standard, 6-by-6-foot room, bathroom or walk-in closet. Special accessibility needs should be considered.

An emergency supply and first aid kit should be in the room. There should be an adequate supply of food and water for everyone who will be in the room.

Surviving the storm: Remain in the safe room— you could be in it for hours — until weather authorities have issued an “all clear” for your area.

Find more information on FEMA's website.