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Metro PCS murder suspect shows surprise in new recordings

by: Leslie Coursey Updated:


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Action News has obtained a recording of accused killer James Rhodes talking to his girlfriend about life in behind bars, and the punishment he could face.

Action News obtained a recording of a jail house phone call James Rhodes reacts to news he could face the death penalty.

"I ain't going down like this," he said.

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Murder suspect James Rhodes learns his days could be numbered.  Rhodes is accused of gunning down 20-year-old Shelby Farrah in July  2013.  Police say Rhodes robbed the Metro PCS store where Farrah worked and killed her even after she followed his every demand.

CL: Man, they said you're gonna lose.
JR: What?
CL: They seeking the death penalty?
JR: The what?
CL: The death penalty.

Action News has obtained a jailhouse phone call between Rhodes and his girlfriend Crystal Lewis.  He sounded surprised when Lewis told him he could pay for the crime with his life.

CL: I have been looking at the news all day on the internet. Your picture is all over the place. Every time I look at it, it's on there. And that mama is seeking the death penalty.
JR: That's what her mama said?
CL: And they said the state attorney and that is what they are trying to push for.

Portions of the phone call were redacted by the State Attorney's Office, kept private until the trial.  Rhodes didn't talk about the crime.  Instead, he talked about life of being behind bars and the future of his relationship with Lewis.

CL: I love you.
JR: Love you too babe. If you don't do anything else for me, babe, just stay by my side please? Because I ain't got nobody else, babe. I ain't got nobody,”

Rhodes is due back in court Aug. 26. His trial has been postponed until the court sees results of a mental health evaluation.