Derrick Odom

Derrick Odom

Derrick Odom is the traffic anchor at Action News Jax.

He anchors during the week on Action News This Morning and Action News Jax at 5 p.m.

Born and raised in South Carolina, Derrick has been a Florida resident since 1992. A career in retail first brought Derrick to Jacksonville and eventually took him to Orlando before a job switch to the airline industry paved the way for a return to the River City. While working these other jobs Derrick always had a love and fascination for the broadcasting Industry.

"I remember listening to Casey Kasem do America's Top 40 and thought, how cool is that?”

Odom also recalls sitting in front of the TV any time the news was on, especially political coverage, even at a young age.

Eventually, Odom acted on that love of broadcasting, obtaining part time employment at Metro Networks as a traffic reporter and at Cox Radio, eventually going on air as a weekend DJ, most recently at ROCK 105.

"I thought working in radio was the completion of my dream job fantasy, but then the unlikely opportunity came about to work at Action News and I could not pass it up."

Odom has been in the 'traffic' business for over 14 years now so it’s very important to him that you get the most accurate up to date information.

"I've been doing this in one form or another for a long time and nothing is more important than getting you the right information quickly.”

When not reporting the traffic you can find Derrick around Riverside, enjoying the beaches, golf courses and of course rooting for the Jaguars!

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