De'Andre Johnson's attorney says victim used racial slurs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A lawyer representing a former FSU quarterback said his client punched a woman in the face after she made racial comments. That’s according to a new report from ESPN.

The State Attorney’s Office said a video shows 19-year-old De’Andre Johnson punching a woman during a confrontation.
It was a packed Wednesday night at the Yianni’s nightclub in Tallahassee. The video shows bartenders taking cash and serving alcohol, on the night of June 24.
“The bar is always subject to legal action if there’s underage drinking,” said Action News Law and Safety Expert Dale Carson.
Action News Law and Safety Expert Dale Carson said this video doesn’t show who or how many customers inside the bar were actually 21.
“Certainly if the bar is serving alcohol to someone who’s underage, there’s a state law. It’s a misdemeanor to serve alcohol to a minor,” Carson said.
The video shows 19-year-old De’Andre Johnson and a white female exchanging some words before punches were thrown. The Tallahassee police report states, the female victim was at the bar ordering a drink when she claims someone bumped into her.
That person was later identified as former FSU quarterback and former First Coast High School player De’Andre Johnson.
The report also states she raised her arm to defend herself, and that’s when Johnson grabbed her.
“In the video, as soon as the young man touches her physically, that is a battery,” Carson said.
Right after that, the woman is said to have kneed Johnson in the groin and the video shows her hitting him.
Johnson’s attorney, Jose Baez, spoke with our sister station WFTV, and Tuesday told ESPN the victim used racial slurs toward Johnson during the initial confrontation.
Baez said the video is not showing the entire story.
“It is quite disturbing that a lot of people -- a lot of the news outlets -- are just showing De’Andre’s actions and not the actions that led up to it,” Baez said.
Carson said the bartender could also be charged for serving the alcohol.
Neither the victim not the bar have been charged at this time.