A family in Georgia desperate for a solution to help their daughter’s epilepsy

Jacksonville, FL. — Doctors said there was no cure, but after years of no success, 27-year-old Destiny Rhodes is seizure-free thanks to a brain surgeon who didn’t give up Mayo Clinic.

“All my life I’ve always been loving music,” explains Destiny Rhodes.

Playing the guitar is her biggest passion.

It has been ever since she heard Keith Urban play when she was thirteen.

“I was like man I wanna play like him one day.”

But one thing kept getting in her way -- epilepsy.

Her mom Rosa says Destiny constantly struggled with seizures.

“At times it was anywhere from every day to every other day a couple of times a week for as long as I can remember.”

They went to almost every hospital and specialist in Georgia with no solution.

She was taking more than five anti-seizure medications when they got to Mayo Clinic in Florida.

Dr. Anteneh Feyissa, a Mayo Clinic Neurologist specializing in “When she first arrived back in 2018 after more than 60 appointments since her childhood we performed comprehensive evaluation.”

That’s when her doctors at Mayo Clinic found multiple seizures happening from the temporal lobes.

Brain surgery was the solution they came up with.

“We essentially put electrodes in the part of the brain where the seizures are happening,” explains Dr. Feyissa.

It’s like a brain pacemaker. She’s now been seizure-free for over a year.

“We trusted him and with that trust come the best results we could possibly ask for,” says her mom Rosa.

Destiny says, “It totally changed me.”

And now she hopes her story will inspire others to never give up.