Fleming Island's top-rated restaurant shut down by termite swarm

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PHOTOS: Scroll the images (above) to see the termite swarm at Mackey's

A top-rated restaurant in Fleming Island has been shut down since Friday because it’s swarming with termites.

Mackey's Munchies is rated the number one restaurant in Fleming Island on the website TripAdvisor.

“Just gross,” said Mackey’s Munchies owner Brandye Mackey. “Down by the fryers, they were crawling on the floor.”

Mackey made the call to shut the restaurant down until the bugs are gone.

“I know that we probably won’t recoup that money, and that is hard,” said Mackey.

Her insurance won’t pay up.

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“We try to do things in love and be kind, but I’m angry,” said Mackey. “We are small business owners, so every dollar counts.”

Pest control treated the building for termites a few days ago.

Mackey plans to reopen Friday.