Action News Jax expert gives insight on Brianna Williams' life behind bars

Briana Williams now in jail

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — An Action News Jax expert gave insight Thursday into Brianna Williams' life behind bars.

Action News Jax law and safety expert Dale Carson said since she tried to commit suicide, she'll be closely watched and in isolation.

Right now, Williams, 27, is in custody for felony child neglect and lying to police, not for charges related to the presumed death of her daughter, Taylor Williams, 5.

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Thursday, Williams was moved to the Duval County Jail from the hospital.

JSO said for security reasons they won't allow our cameras inside the jail and don't reveal housing assignments.

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​​​​​​But Carson can describe what it's like in those 8 by 8 foot cells.

"There's a stainless steel bed on one side, stainless steel sink and toilet adjacent and then essentially this is the amount of space you have to be in," Carson said.

Carson said for now, Williams will stay in her cell.

He said she'll even eat there, likely only leaving it to speak with her public defender.

"She'll be in isolation until they determine that she's no longer a threat to herself, or in some circumstances, other people," Carson said.

Williams is being held on a $1.1 million bond.  She's scheduled to appear before a judge for the first time Dec. 4.

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