• Vector launches rocket in Camden County

    By: Erica Bennett , Action News Jax


    All eyes were on Southeast Georgia Thursday as Vector launched an R-model rocket. It’s a major milestone for both the company and Camden County.

    The successful test launch measured both the progress Vector has made in producing a commercially viable rocket and the sustainability of Spaceport Camden as a place for future launches.

    “I think it’s a once-in-a-generation opportunity, not only for the Camden and the coast, but for the state of Georgia,” Steve Howard, a Camden County administrator, said.

    The area has been working toward a spaceport for quite some time. Cecil Field in Jacksonville has been given the thumbs up for launches, but Howard looks at it as a partnership, not a competition.

    “That is actually horizontal. We’re focused on vertical. So, we think there’s a great opportunity for synergy opportunities with (the) spaceport and other spaceports across the United States,” he said.

    Action News Jax hit the town of Woodbine to see how locals felt having extra spacecraft around. First stop: The Krusty Krab.

    “It’s going to bring lots of jobs to the local area, and also, it’s an incredible thing. Who wouldn’t want to see a rocket go up, OK?” Casey Holland said.

    County leaders said engineering studies have to be done and everything has to be cleared – but now, they’re one step closer to reaching for the stars.

    “In 1960, actually, the papers declared Camden County the gateway to space. Tomorrow, we hope (to achieve) one more milestone. We reclaim that title once again,” Howard said.

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