• Clay County student found with 'shoot list' at school

    By: Brittney Donovan


    Clay County parents got a robocall about a "shoot list" found at a school on Thursday.

    The voicemail from Clay County High School principal Cary Dicks said a student on campus had a "shoot list."

    The student told school officials that it was fake.

    The student is being questioned by officials.

    Action News Jax is working to learn more about the situation.

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    Full text from the robocall:

    "Thursday 10:15 am. Guardians, this is Mr. Dicks, principal of Clay High School. I am calling to notify you of an incident that took place on campus this morning. We discovered a student was in possession of a shoot list which he stated was a joke. The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. The student will be disciplined as is outlined in the student code of conduct with possible judicial actions to be determined by law enforcement and the state attorneys office. Please take the time to talk with your student about this discovery, emphasize safety, etc."

    Clay County Schools sent Action News Jax a statement:

    "We discovered a student at Clay High School was in possession of a "shoot list," which he stated was a joke. The Clay County Sheriff's Office is investigating. The student will be disciplined as outlined by the Code of Student Conduct with possible judicial actions to be determined by law enforcement and the State Attorney's Office.

    "We are encouraging parents to talk to their children about this discovery and to emphasize their role in keeping the campus safe as well as monitoring their child’s belongings that he or she may bring to school. Please know that we will continue our efforts in maintaining a safe environment for all."

    Superintendent Addison Davis released the following statement:

    "The Clay County School District was reminded today of the character of its student body. While it is inevitable that incidents will happen, we are very proud of the fact that it was a student who alerted adults when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation. It is clear that we have created a positive culture in our schools where students feel comfortable communicating openly with staff. This is the type of climate the Clay County School District has cultivated and supports, highlighting that it is one of the safest school districts in the state of Florida. The district will continue to encourage students to speak up as this provides a pathway to collective problem solving and elevating the instructional culture. We will collectively work with students, families, and caregivers to ensure Clay County School District provides a safe and instructionally sound experience."

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