Girl says Clay County substitute teacher told her to go 'outside' to shoot herself

Clay County school leaders say they won’t recommend a substitute to fill in in the future after an inappropriate conversation with a student.

Action News Jax began investigating after a Ridgeview High School senior posted on Facebook saying a substitute at the school told a girl in class she could go shoot herself but to make sure she did it in the hall.

Jasmyne Hughes said it happened in anatomy and physiology class.

She said students were working on a packet when the teacher got frustrated and started going back and forth with a student.

“The teacher keeps harping on her and harping on her and harping on her and her response was, you make me want to shoot myself,” Hughes said. “And the teacher’s response to that was, ‘Go ahead but make sure you do it outside.'”

Action News Jax reached out to the school district to get answers about what happened in the classroom.

The district sent a statement saying, "Clay County District Schools is aware of an inappropriate conversation that took place between a student and a substitute teacher at Ridgeview High School. Ridgeview High School administrators have addressed both the student and substitute teacher, who is hired through a third party service. The District does not tolerate this type of behavior and will not recommend this teacher to substitute in the future."

Hughes said she stuck up for her friend after the exchange, and told school leaders about it.

She said she and two other students were disciplined for their behavior in the classroom.

​“I just wish they would’ve done more. They should’ve told us that, hey, she won’t be working at the school anymore or she won’t be working in Clay County anymore," she said.

Action News Jax reached out to Kelly Services, the agency the substitute teacher was contracted through, to find out if there has been any past complaints about the teacher.

We have not yet heard back.

Hughes’ full post:

“Today, we had the same sub that we have had for three days. Today a substitute at school told a girl in class she could go shoot herself but to make sure “she did it in the hall”, because the girl stated she wanted to shoot herself, due to the teacher not leaving her alone. Today the substitute was arguing with children telling us we “needed to grow up”, because we didn't learn respect from our parents. No one was disrespecting her until she was upset that we had finished out papers and hadn't turned them in yet. Today, the substitute told me i need to act like a mother instead of defending my friend because she had simply done nothing wrong. She also judged me for being pregnant in highschool, like that is ANY of her business to begin with. Today the substitute told me she was writing me a referral for having my phone out, because i was calling my parent because of the things she was saying. She had told us we could have our phones out 10 minutes prior Today, Mr. Staefe's response, when told about the situation was, that student shouldn't have said what she said and i will talk to the sub. Today, nothing was done. So way to go RIDGEVIEW HIGH SCHOOL for making students feel like crap and making suicide a joke. Way to go RIDGEVIEW HIGH SCHOOL for not giving that substitute any repercussions because we are ''students'' and you werent there to hear or see it happen. Last but not least, Way to go RIDGEVIEW HIGH SCHOOL, because if that same girl goes home and kills herself, at that point its on you. One of YOUR teachers told her she should, when the teacher should have responded differently or not responded at all. I agree what the girl said, she shouldn't have, but NO "ADULT" SHOULD RESPOND THAT WAY, ESPECIALLY WHEN SCOLDING KIDS FOR ACTING LIKE CHILDREN.”