• Woman who escaped Clay County jail by impersonating inmate was arrested for swinging machete


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    The woman who somehow got out of the Clay County jail by impersonating another inmate was in jail because she struck someone with a machete, a police report said.

    Jessica Arnott, 28, used an “extremely dull and fully rusted” machete on a male victim while yelling in a yard and calling people “wolves,” the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said.

    The victim said the machete didn’t actually cut him. Arnott was charged with aggravated battery.

    Arnott was still in jail when she walked out on Jan. 9 after she pretended to be an inmate named Jessica Davis, who was scheduled to be released on bond for simple battery.

    The Sheriff’s Office said Arnott signed Davis’ release paperwork using Davis’ name. She also dressed as Davis.

    “She had on my jeans, boots, even down to my bra,” Davis said.

    Davis’ mother, Mary Jo Purvis, went to the jail to pick up her daughter Monday, thinking she had bonded out.

    "They checked the computer and it said she left,” Purvis said.

    Arnott was spotted walking outside the jail and quickly returned, but the new Sheriff of Clay County said Tuesday that he was “incensed” that this occurred.

    Daniels said his department will figure out how Arnott managed to convince officials she was Davis.

    “Necessary discipline will be administered,” Daniels said. “There appears to have been a procedural breakdown based on human factor.

    “Instead of creating an environment of establishing blame, I will set up an environment where this does not occur again.”

    Arnott is now facing escape and grand theft charges, Daniels said.

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