Duval County

Long-term care facilities open to visitors with new restrictions

FLORIDA — Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Tuesday that long-term care facilities will be open to visitors again.

Visitors must wear proper PPE, temperatures will be checked at the door, and they will go through screening measures including a list of questions related to COVID-19.

Residents may designate up to five visitors who are allowed to come, but no minors at this time. Only two of the five are allowed in at a time.

General visitors must socially distant.

Facilities must have at least 14 days without a positive case for either residents or staff before allowing visitors in.

Mary Daniel, the Jacksonville wife on the panel, helped get a ‘compassionate caregiver’.

This can be up to two family members that the resident can designate for emotional support. Even if there’s a positive case in the facility, compassionate caregivers can still go and they do not have to stay six feet from the resident.

Mary Daniel is hopeful that facilities will implement these new policies by the weekend.

Governor Ron DeSantis is signing the order today.

The full emergency order below: