Family: 9-year-old attacked by multiple pit bulls while riding her bike in Panama Park area

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Police and animal control are investigating after a woman said her 9-year-old granddaughter was attacked by multiple pit bulls.

Linda Williams said the dogs owner lives tight next door and their family has had issues with those dogs roaming the neighborhood without a leash in the past.

Sunday afternoon Willams said her granddaughter was violently attacked by numerous pit bulls while riding her bike home from the store.

“She said they knocked her off her bike and then all three of them charged her. One was at her face One hit her knee and one bit a hole in her back,” Williams said.

On their home surveillance footage it shows the young girl leave home on her bike, a few minutes later she returns without it and Williams said it’s because she had to get away from the attack.

Williams took pictures of the wounds that shows bite marks on her granddaughters face and  blood soaking through her pants from a bite on the leg. The young girl had to go to the hospital to get stitches and the family said it’s not the first time they’ve had issues with those dogs.

“They have too many dogs, those dogs don’t ever be on a leash you can ask anybody that live around here,” Williams said.


She also said the dogs owner has tried to put up a privacy fence to keep the dogs from getting out but it doesn’t work.

Action News Jax spoke with the dogs owner off camera, he claims two pit bulls were involved in the attack.

He admitted the dogs have gotten loose in the neighborhood before and gone into neighbors trash but have not been violent.

Although the incident wasn’t deadly Williams wants to see a change to prevent another dangerous attack from happening again.

“ A friendly dog wouldn’t bite a child,” Williams said.

The young girl’s mother said the dog owner told her the pit bulls were not vaccinated. We’re working to find out from animal control if the dogs will be quarantined or put down.