• Jacksonville cows euthanized after losing lips, ears in dog attack, JSO says


    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said in a report that they have apprehended the five dogs suspected of attacking cows in a yard on Elizabeth Lane.

    According to JSO, five dogs attacked three cows near a residence early on the morning of Sept. 11. 

    The owner of the cows said that the animals were kept as pets, not for meat. 

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    On Sept. 11, the owner of the cows heard several dogs barking and feared they were after the hogs he kept his backyard. After he went to investigate, he discovered that the dogs were attacking his three cows. 

    The dogs chewed the ears off all three cows and chewed the lips off of one cow. One cow also had leg damage. 

    The cows were gentle and could respond by name, said the owner, who JSO said was "very upset" over the incident. 

    The dogs ran off, JSO said, and three of them were quickly discovered hiding behind the Walgreens in the 13000 block of Main Street. The other two were captured a short time later. 

    The owner of the dogs admitted that the dogs got out "again," according to the JSO report. The dogs, described oin the police report as Staffordshires, were turned over to animal control. 

    The cows were euthanized because of the severity of their injuries. 

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