• Jacksonville mayor: 'Put a white flag outside your house if you need help'


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    Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is telling everyone in evacuation zones A and B along the river to get out now.

    Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry spoke publicly at 9 a.m. Monday regarding the city's efforts after Hurricane Irma passed through the city overnight. 

    The mayor stressed the importance of residents being deliberate in their actions and told those needing help evacuating home to call 904-630-CITY -- or put a white flag outside of their homes. 

    Those seeking that help will be directed to local shelters. 

    For those residents experiencing flooding Mayor Curry emphasized "going up, not out" while contacting emergency services for help.

    Mayor Curry stated that the storm cause serious storm surge damage and significant river flooding at the St. Johns River, which will worsen as the day goes on. 

    Immediate emergency situations need to be directed to 911.

    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announced that there are more than 1,600 officers patrolling to assist in rescues, but again stressed the importance of staying inside if you don't need assistance. 


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