Local mom speaks out against code of silence hoping for answers in son's murder

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Forty-year-old Darrell Stringfield was shot in October 2008 in a crime that police have yet to find a motive for.

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, Action News Jax spoke with Stringfield’s mom, Jeanette McKenzy, in first t-v interview since her son’s murder.

“This is where it happened at I don't even like to come down this street,” said McKenzy.

Despite the pain, McKenzy mustered the strength to meet Action News Jax outside the apartment on Justina Road where her son was shot in order to send a message.

"It's just an emptiness there heart aches all the time," said McKenzy. 
It was after 10 p.m. on Oct. 22, 2008.
Stringfield, who went by "Malik", was on the steps on an Arlington apartment with friends when a masked gunman approached them making threats.
One of his friends was shot in the leg but the suspect pumped four bullets into Stringfield and ran off.
He went into a medically induced coma shortly after.
For nearly five months, McKenzy watched her son die. He would pass away in March the following year.
"I'm just praying and asking for justice, closure you know. It's been eight years going on nine years [and] no one has come forward yet," said McKenzy.
Ever since, McKenzy said years are marked with solemn anniversaries.
"My birthday. I don't even celebrate my birthday. My birthday is Oct. 27, this happened five days prior to my birthday," said McKenzy.
The holidays are that much emptier.
Stringfield left behind a wife and children.
McKenzy tries to keep her son's memory alive through them especially through one of her grandkids who is an athlete just like her son was.
"Shalethea she just got back from Germany she plays professional basketball," said McKenzy.
Nearly nine years after her son's murder there's no suspect description, very little evidence to go on, and the people who know won't tell.
"I want him to know that his mother never stopped trying to find out who's responsible for him not being here with me," said McKenzy.
McKenzy is well aware of the code of silence in the neighborhood her son was gunned down but she's not giving up.
Looking directly into our camera she had this message.
"If you know somebody that hurt somebody I mean c'mon don't be a coward. Come on and speak up. You're just as bad as the person who did that to my son if you know something and you won't say anything because that person certainly was a coward," said McKenzy.
McKenzy and the detective on the case have become close friends but the leads have run cold. Without your help this case may never be solved.
If you have any information that could lead to an arrest call CrimeStoppers 1-866-845-TIPS (8477).