Local veterans rowing 3,000 miles to raise awareness on veteran suicide

Fernandina Beach, Fla. — Paul Lore and his team Foar From Home are getting ready to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean all in an effort to raise awareness for PTSD and fight veteran suicide.

“Veteran suicide in the united states is a big problem. we lose about 6,000 veterans a year,” Paul Lore, United States Marine Corps veteran said.

It’s part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Foar From Home is raising money for K9′s for Warriors and Cross the Line, two local organizations that support veterans.

“Cross the Line just gave their first scholarship to a veteran of a veteran family and K9s for warriors I think everybody knows and loves them.

For this Fernandina Beach team, it’s personal.

This group is made up of Marine, Navy, Army, and Air Force Veterans.

The race will start in the Canary Islands and end at Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbor in Antigua.

The journey across the ocean is expected to last around 50 days.

The round circles on the boat is where they will store all their dehydrated food enough for 60 days.

It’s also equipped with solar power and a way to make fresh water.

Competing is no easy task but this team’s military training is giving them an upper hand.

“We’ve been in uncomfortable situations. We just adjust and we adapt, and we just blend into our environment, and you just make it work,” Lore said.

The rowboat will leave Fernandina Beach in September.

The four-man team will leave after Thanksgiving and get ready to compete in December.

Despite the challenge ahead, the biggest thing driving this team right now is the cause.

“It’s all about saving lives it’s all about watching somebody just be able to get up and just watch that next sunrise or see that next sunset and just really feel good about themselves,” Lore said.