• Naked, sword-wielding man subdued in Mayport


    Local Jacob Jaquett witnessed a naked man running around with a 3-foot sword in Otter Run Apartments. 

    "Then he started telling us to run and he blocked the door so we couldn't get out," said local Jacob Jaquett.

    Luckily, Jaquett says he was finally able to squeeze by the man and run to his truck for safety.
    He says the man was charging at people and yelling at them.

    "I was honestly kind of scared cause I didn't know what he had with him or what was going on," said Jaquett.

    Action News called and emailed the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office multiple times to find out what happened.
    All they could tell us was there was a call to service around 11 a.m. in the complex, and wouldn’t say anything else.
    But Jaquett was able to fill us in on what happened next. He says another neighbor was able to make the man put the sword down.

    "Luckily a man was there and he subdued the guy and got him to drop the sword and tackled him to the ground and the cops came," said Jaquett.

    He says he doesn't know why the man did what he did, but he was relieved when neighbors stepped in to help.

    Neighbors say they saw the man a few nights before this incident and he was acting very strange.

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