Two law enforcement agencies dealing with scam

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — Not one, but two county law enforcement agencies want you to be on the lookout for scammers.

Clay and Columbia counties are dealing with similar issues of people selling shirts of their sheriff’s offices, but the offices say they are not selling these shirts.

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Scammers are known to use every trick in the book, but selling clothing in the name of law enforcement is risky business.

“It’s desperate times, but to do that from the sheriff’s department, that’s just idiotic,” neighbor Mickey Garrett said.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s office posted pictures of someone selling shirts with their logo on the front and back. Sgt. Steven Khachigan with the sheriff’s office said if you see a message asking you to buy them, it’s not real.

“It wasn’t anything authorized through the sheriff or our agency, it’s a scam,” he said.

The sergeant said if whoever is doing this is caught, there could be charges.

“Would definitely have some fraud charges,” he said.

In Clay County, it’s a very similar issue, Messages are sent to your cellphone advertising a T-shirt from that sheriff’s office for $10 off. Resident Scarlet Turpin said she didn’t fall for it.

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“It came from an out-of-state number, and a number I didn’t know. So, I deleted it and never clicked the link because I know how scammers work,” she said.

Both counties aren’t selling the shirts, and advise you not to click on the link to give out any personal information.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office said they do have detectives who specialize in fraud, and they will be looking further into this matter.