• Vilano Beach neighbors still rebuilding from Matthew damage keeping close eye on Hurricane Irma

    By: Amber Krycka , Action News Jax


    ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - The threat of Hurricane Irma is weighing heavily on the minds of people living in St. Johns County. Hurricane Matthew slammed the shore of Vilano Beach about 11 months ago.

    “We lost everything from basically four feet down in the house,” Martha Nourse said.

    Nourse, her husband and two dogs have been living inside a trailer in front of their soon-to-be demolished home.

    “We not only had flood damage, but we had wind damage on the roof,”  she said.

    Time lapse video shows deep water, about nine to 10 feet, making its way into dozens of Vilano Beach homes.

    “Piece by piece, I’m putting this back together,” Tammy Tombroff said.

    Across the street, Tombroff just moved back into her home. 

    “I’ve only just gotten furniture like last week,” she said.

    And down the road, Jeff Troxell is reminded daily of Hurricane Matthew’s damage.

    “It was 27 and a quarter inches there. That’s how much water we had in the house. I’m not lazy, that’s just the reminder,” he said, pointing to a door in his home.

    Other neighbors say they can’t help but worry. 

    “It is pretty scary. Just now getting it back together, and what would that be like, I can’t imagine,” Tombroff said.

    “Anxiety levels are definitely high,” Nourse said.

    Nourse said she already has three hotels booked. Other neighbors say they are buying generators and other supplies. 

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