Southeast Georgia Health System begins vaccinations in Brunswick

COVID-19 vaccines in high demand

Brunswick, GA. — With more than 642,000 positive cases of Covid-19 in Georgia, the demand for a vaccine is greater now more than ever.

On Monday alone the Georgia department of public health added more than 6,000 new cases.

The Southeast Georgia Health System began vaccinations at its Brunswick campus on Tuesday.

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Roy Bedingfield is a pulmonary patient at southeast Georgia Health System receiving his vaccine on Tuesday.

“I have a lung that I lost 15 years ago and so they had me in rehab,” Roy Bedingfield.

This week the hospital is working to vaccinate 2,000 people with the Pfizer vaccine.

On Monday it rolled out vaccinations in Camden County and over the next few days will administer shots in Brunswick.

The hospital is reaching out to patients who are high risk first and booking them appointments.

“They’re the ones we want to make sure we get first. We want to make sure we can help their care givers if they’re living the same household of course so that’s how we’re starting this process,” Michael Scherneck, President and CEO of Southeast Georgia Health System.

The Pfizer vaccine is stored in an ultra-cold freezers at negative 80 degrees.

Once it’s taken out it’s then put in one of these transport devices where it thaws in 3 hours.

After the Pfizer vaccine is at room temperature it’s diluted it’s administered to those patients 65 and older, health care workers and first responders.

High Risk patients like Bedingfield say with the vaccine he can now see his family.

“In this day and age it’s almost a must and I’m very confident with it now because my hands was tied in visiting my family and my family coming here,” Bedingfield, patient

The health system received a shipment of 4-thousand doses of the Pfizer vaccine and 2,000  doses of Moderna.

Once the Pfizer vials are diluted these nurses have two hours to administer it or it goes bad.

Those that received the first dose today will be back 21 days later to receive their second shot.

The hospital told me it wants to use up all of its Pfizer stock first before the Moderna.