• 'On fleek' Vine star Peaches Monroee asks for fans help funding cosmetics line

    By: Sarah Elsesser , Palm Beach Post


    Vine might be dead, but a phrase made popular on the app isn’t, and the internet star who coined it wants to get paid. 

    Kayla Lewis, better known by her Vine name Peaches Monroee, said she first used “on fleek” in June 2014. 

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    The Vine video she created in which she used the phrase to refer to her brows went viral. 

    Meme site Know Your Meme tracks the phrase's initial popularity to Lewis' video. 

    Since then the phrase "eyebrows on fleek," which basically means your eyebrows look good, has gone viral, as well as the phrase "on fleek" alone.

    Lewis is asking people to donate money so she can start a cosmetic and hair extension line, according to her GoFundMe page

    "Everyone has used the phrase/word but I haven't received any money behind it or recognition," Lewis said on the page. 

    "I want to start a cosmetic and hair extension line, but I don't have any money to do so," she said. "Just so everyone can know my plans, with this money I plan on starting a website, get this project on legal papers with a good team of lawyers ... and making sure my dreams come true as far as this 'fleek' thing. I feel like this is my second chance and I will not mess this is up. 

    It looks like internet users have her back. Some have already donated more than $9,000 toward her $100,000 goal and are showing support on Twitter



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