CDC: E. coli outbreak possibly linked to lettuce at Wendy’s in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Around 37 E. coli-related illnesses were reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, possibly linked to lettuce served at Wendy’s.

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According to WHIO, 26 people of the 37 reported illnesses were interviewed by the CDC and about 80% of them told the CDC that they ate at Wendy’s about a week before they started not feeling good.

Ten people have been hospitalized and no one has died from the E. coli outbreak, according to the CDC.

The CDC in a news release on Friday said that the specific food has not been confirmed but the people who were sick that they interviewed told them that they ate sandwiches with romaine lettuce at a Wendy’s in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“Based on this information, Wendy’s is taking the precautionary measure of removing the romaine lettuce being used in sandwiches from restaurants in that region. Wendy’s uses a different type of romaine lettuce for salads. Investigators are working to confirm whether romaine lettuce is the source of this outbreak, and whether romaine lettuce used in Wendy’s sandwiches was served or sold at other businesses,” said the CDC.

Symptoms of an E. coli infection include severe stomach cramps and vomiting, according to the CDC. It takes about three to four days to start feeling the symptoms and people usually recover in about five to seven days with no treatment.

According to WHIO, the CDC is not telling people to stop eating at Wendy’s or to stop eating romaine lettuce. There is no evidence yet that shows the lettuce sold in grocery stores or other restaurants has been affected.

The CDC said that Wendy’s is cooperating fully with their investigation.

If you have a fever over 102 degrees, feeling dehydrated or vomiting, call your doctor. If you have symptoms of an E. coli infection, report your illness to your local or state health department.

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