Employee at Yellowstone National Park finds part of a foot in a shoe floating in Abyss Pool

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. — An employee found part of a foot in a shoe floating in Abyss Pool at Yellowstone National Park, officials say.

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According to KULR, the part of the foot that was found in a shoe that a Yellowstone National Park employee found on Tuesday was located in the West Thumb Geyser Basin.

Yellowstone National Park Public Affairs Officer Morgan Warthin said in a statement that the West Thumb Geyser Basin and the parking lot were closed temporarily to visitors since Tuesday’s discovery but has since been reopened.

Warthin said the West Thumb Geyser Basin is located in the southern part of Yellowstone National Park.

“Abyss Pool has a depth of more than 50 feet and is one of the deepest hot springs in the park. Its temperature is approximately 140 degrees F (60 degrees C),” said Warthin.

According to The Associated Press, hot springs like Abyss Pool, superheated water cools as the water makes it to the surface then sinks and eventually it is replaced with hotter water kind of like it circulates throughout the hot spring.

“The circulation prevents the water from reaching the temperature needed to set off an eruption like happens with geysers in the park,” said the AP per Yellowstone National Park’s website.

Warthin said that an investigation is underway. No further information has been released, including who the foot belonged to or how it got into the Abyss Pool. Warthin said that the park will provide additional information to the public over the next few days if and when it becomes available.