INVESTIGATES: Security video catches thieves stealing baby stroller

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A family is without a baby stroller after someone walked right up to their porch and stole it.

Now one family is feeling uneasy after two strangers took a stroller from a pregnant mother’s property.

“I couldn’t believe how someone would take a baby stroller; you have to be rock bottom to do that, just seems really low,” Greg Prisby said.

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The Prisbys are expecting their second child this fall, but security video captured the moment two people stole a baby stroller meant for their soon-to-be little boy and walked away from the Riverside house.

The stroller is yet to turn up.

“My wife pulled the stroller out (of) the shed to get it ready for the new baby. Cleaned it off, it was still wet, so we were letting it air dry, and she told me to bring it in that night,” Prisby said. “Obviously, I forgot, and unfortunately some folks came by throughout the night and took it off the porch.”

It was just after 5 a.m. when the incident happened. Prisby said it’s not so much the price that matters, it’s the fact someone got extremely close to their house and took their belongings.

“All things considered, it wasn’t something too terribly expensive or important. It didn’t hurt anybody, but it’s unsettling that people stroll up to your porch and take your unborn baby’s belongings,” Prisby said.

JSO’s Crime Map tool shows 27 records of theft or larceny within just a mile radius of Prisby’s home on James Street in the last month.

Action News Jax reached out to JSO regarding porch pirates; they said they’ve determined that the J1 Subsector, which includes Riverside, Avondale, and Murray Hill has had “what appears to be six (6) reported incidents in Subsector J1 of delivered packages being taken from someone’s doorstep.”

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However, they did say some of the reported incidents continue to be investigated and two of the six were in Riverside.

Prisby says he filed a police report. Action News Jax has requested it.