100-ton cancer treatment device installed at UF Health

New equipment to help locals battle cancer

A 100-ton cancer treatment device is being installed at UF Health.

The proton therapy system, called the gantry, is going to help 200 more cancer patients a year.

“It’s going to allow more people in this area access to proton therapy,” said Bradlee Robbert, director of patient services at UF Health.

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Action News Jax was there Monday morning as cranes lifted that piece of equipment and lowered it through the roof of the building. To put in perspective how heavy the device is, it’s roughly the weight of a 757 airplane.

“This technology is a very focused, pencil beam-like treatment that goes into a target and stops depositing the maximum radiation at its target with a lot less radiation,” said Robbert.

Robbert said that will mean higher recovery rates, and lesser side effects.

“I was excited,” said Richard Stephens, a cancer patient who is grateful to hear about this new device.

“In most cases, there are few to no side effects with proton therapy,” said Stephens.

Cancer can take a toll on a patient’s body – and UF Health is hoping this advanced system will make it a little easier for patients to live better lives.

It will take another year before patients can use the new system.