• Auto body shop owner admits crashing Dodge Ram he was supposed to repair


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The State Attorney's Office is reviewing the case of a local auto body shop owner accused of loaning out his customers' vehicles, and criminal charges could be filed.

    Action News reported Tuesday about Oliver Pickett after a victim said Pickett loaned out his truck instead of doing requested repair work.

    Another man said Wednesday that his Dodge Ram was not only loaned out, but that Pickett crashed it.

    The owner of the Dodge Ram came back Thursday to make sure work was getting done on his truck. Pickett admitted that he took it out for a ride and crashed it, damaging the front bumper.

    The owner of the Dodge Ram wouldn’t give his name, but he said he dropped off his truck three weeks ago to have work done.

    Action News was there Wednesday night when Pickett brought it back damaged, with the work unfinished.

    There was more of the same on Thursday.

     “Are you happy with the agreement you guys reached?” Action News asked the truck owner.

    “I'll be happy when I can pick my truck up and it's fixed like he promised he would fix it,” the owner of the Dodge Ram said.

    William Carroll said Pickett scammed him too.

    Carroll said going through the experience is “pure hell.”

    He said Pickett gave him a receipt for molding work on his car, slightly less than $945 for the parts and labor.

    Carroll said he wrote a $533 check for parts so Pickett could start the repairs.

    “I just want the damn money, that's all I want,” Carroll said.

    More than a month later, Carroll says the work hasn’t been finished. He filed a complaint with the state.

    "There's no problem," Pickett told Action News. "He's going to get his money back."

    "But you do owe him money?" Action News asked.

    "Yeah, $533," Pickett said.

    Carroll said he has not yet gone to the police, but he plans to do so.

    The Dodge Ram owner said he’s known Pickett for 10 years and isn’t ready to press charges.

    In addition to the Dodge Ram, there are two other trucks at the auto body shop. Pickett said he’ll have all the work done by Friday morning.  

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