• Best friend describes warning signs before Katie Sasser's death

    By: Kevin Clark , Action News Jax


    The friend of a local woman shot and killed in a double murder tells Action News Jax there were definite warning signs before her death.

    Glynn County Officer Cory Sasser is accused of killing Katie Sasser and the man she was seeing before turning the gun on herself.     

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    Amanda Brogan says she and Katie Sasser became even closer the last few months, as Katie’s marriage to Cory Sasser was unravelling.

    Two days before Katie and her friend John Hall Jr. were killed, Brogan says she received a chilling text message from Katie.

    “I said, ‘why is not anything being done?’ recalls Brogan. “She said, ‘I don’t know Amanda, I guess they’re waiting on somebody to get carried out in a body bag’.”

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    Brogan wonders why law enforcement didn’t do more to stop Cory Sasser, but says the community must come together to prevent this from happening again.

    “I know Katie would want answers. She would want all her family and friends to come together and make it better for someone else,” said Brogan.

    Brogan said that Katie and Cory often had problems during their marriage.

    She said Cory was often distant and depressive, and that it stemmed from shooting and killing Caroline Small in 2010.

    She said Katie constantly tried to get him to seek help.

    “She used to sit out in the garage and they would have two or three hour conversations where she would just beg him to get some help,” said Brogan.

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