Black Santa is back in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Black Santa Jax Winter Wonderland is now open.

Located in the Pearl Street Plaza 5320 N Pearl St, Jacksonville, FL 32208, Black Santa Jax will be open every weekend until Christmas.

Black Santa Jax was created by Robert and Patricia Gresham IV, lifelong educators who sought to fulfill a need in Jacksonville.

“Kids need to see themselves in every walk of life, it allows them to develop a strong self-image that leads to an increase in motivation and performance,” said Robert Gresham IV. Santa and co-founder of Black Santa Jax. “We make sure our kids are exposed to black architects, lawyers, doctors, presidents—why not Santa?”

This is Black Santa Jax’s eighth year serving the Jacksonville community and the Gresham family says that this year will be their greatest year yet.

To schedule an appointment to meet him or learn more about Black Santa Jax, visit