• Caught on camera: Lawtey police officer uses Taser on man acting 'aggressively'


    BRADFORD COUNTY, Fla. - Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith shared on his Facebook page a recent confrontation a Lawtey police officer had with a 60-year-old subject that "aggressively" approached him.

    Smith said the officer "used a less than lethal tactic" and in the video, the officer can be seen deploying a Taser.

    According to the police report Officer Jay Raulerson responded to a report of a man running in the middle of U.S. 301. Raulerson noticed an agitated man in a gray Toyota and initiated a traffic stop.

    In the report, the man is described as "jumping from the driver's seat, placing his right hand out as if pointing a gun." As he charged the police car, the man screamed about the lights on the patrol car and that "he had to stop the lights."

    The report said two weapons, described as "two cans of chemical agents," were found on the man.

    The man was taken to Shands Hospital in Starke, then transported to Meridian Behavioral Healthcare via a Baker Act.

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