Clay County man trying to climb into moving Lyft shot by driver, police say

Suspect ran up to stopped Lyft and tried to get in

Clay County man trying to climb into moving Lyft shot by driver, police say

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — The Clay County Sheriff's Office arrested Matthew Bryant Caudill, 32, on Monday around 5:30 a.m. after he allegedly tried to climb into a moving Lyft car, CCSO says.

The victim had stopped on the side of CR-218 because he saw a dog lying next to the road. He had just dropped off a Lyft customer in Middleburg and was searching for information on his phone regarding where to transport the missing dog.

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Then, Caudill ran up to the passenger side door of the victim's car while yelling. The victim could not understand what Caudill was saying, and stated that he became scared and started to drive away, according to the police report.


As the victim began to drive away, Caudill grabbed a partially down window and began running alongside the car. As the victim accelerated, Caudill tried to climb on top of the car.

The victim told police he was scared for his life as Caudill then began climbing inside the car feet-first. According to the report, Caudill began kicking the victim, and the victim pulled out a handgun from his center console and fired three rounds, striking Caudill in the legs.

Caudill fell from the car, and the victim called 911. When police arrived, Caudill was transported to a hospital before being transferred to the Clay County Jail. Deputies said Caudill was uncooperative.

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