• DCPS investigating North Shore Elementary teacher for reportedly spanking student with shoe

    By: Christy Turner , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Jacksonville mother claims her 6-year-old daughter was spanked by her first-grade teacher with a shoe. 

    The Duval County Public School District confirms the North Shore Elementary School teacher was removed from the classroom during the investigation which is being conducted by the Professional Standards Office. 

    Action News Jax is not naming the teacher since they haven’t been charged with anything yet. A new teacher was placed in the classroom during the investigation. 

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    The child’s mother, who we’re not identifying to protect the girl, said the alleged incident happened April 12. 

    “She [the teacher] took her to the restroom in the hallway and whooped her with her shoe because she called someone a snitch,” the parent claims. “As a mom, I feel like no child should have to go through that.”

    The mother said her daughter didn’t have any marks on her body, but noticed she was acting strange.
    “She was down. She was sad,” the mother said. 

    In a letter sent to parents, the principal said they will cooperate fully with all external investigative agencies that become involved. 


    The principal wrote they may take further action pending the outcome of the investigation. 

    “All of us share an intense sense of responsibility to protect the welfare and safety of our children and we take these reports seriously,” the principal wrote in the letter. 

    The principal also asked parents to not jump to any conclusions nor discuss the alleged incident in public forms to protect the integrity of the investigation. 

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