DCPS students can now get free live tutoring online

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Duval students are getting much-needed help with their schoolwork, but it’s not coming in the classroom.

It's available anywhere they take their mobile devices.

It's called BrainFuse and it allows students to connect live online with tutors for free on any computer or mobile device.

The program is now free for local students thanks to a partnership between Duval County Public Schools and the Jacksonville Public Library.

If you’ve got a library card or a DCPS school ID, you can use it.

With the click of a mouse or a tap on your mobile device, students have access to live tutoring, a writing lab, SAT and ACT prep materials, FCAT practice tests, online flashcards and more.

Jacksonville Public Library Youth Services Librarian Beth Friederich walked through an algebra problem live with a tutor.

“They aren’t going to actually just give us the answer. He’s asking me what I think I should do first, which is really important with children,” said Friederich.

She said it’s not just helpful for students; it’s a relief for parents.

“I think a lot of children go to their parents at night when they need help. And, I don’t know, but it’s been a while since I did fifth-grade earth science,” said Friederich.

That’s why those tutors are live from 2 to 11 p.m.

BrainFuse isn’t just for kids. Adults can use their library cards to access features like resume-checking.