EXCLUSIVE: Family of dead student diver protests outside CDA Technical Institute, demanding answers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The family of Fausto Martins is demanding answers from CDA Technical Institute.

Action News Jax first told you in April when Fausto died during a training exercise at CDA.

INVESTIGATES: Mother of CDA student diver who died in 2019 wants answers surrounding his death

His drowning death was the second in two months while training under the dive school’s watch.

His brother Jose and their parents said they had to drive seven hours from Georgia to come get Fausto’s things, but they didn’t come or go quietly.

The three stood outside on Thursday CDA with signs in protest, calling on other divers to leave the school.

“How many more? How many more? How many more?” they chanted.

Action News Jax first told you last month when Fausto died in the Trout River.

According to a police report, Fausto’s dive helmet filled up with water during a training exercise.

Now, nearly a month later, his brother, mother, and father returned for his belongings and a few words.

“I’d just like my brother’s stuff, if that’s OK. I don’t think that’s too much to ask,” Jose asked a CDA employee outside.

“There needs to be something done and nothing is being done by them. They’re pretending like it doesn’t even exist, like he didn’t matter,” Jose said.

Jose said he came here for answers, as did we.

We asked CDA employees to comment on the two recent deaths.

The school didn’t respond to our questions or the family’s.

INVESTIGATES: CDA Technical Institute failed to report Feb. drowning, according to ADCI

“My son came here. He died on April 14. Nobody did anything for him,” Gloria Martins said.

The Martins said they’ve reached out to CDA multiple times for more information on Fausto’s death.

“About 70 times. Got absolutely nothing,” Jose said.

After learning of ADCI’s investigation, the VA pulling its GI Bill funding, and most recently our report that IMCA had indefinitely suspended CDA’s membership, Jose had one thing to say.

“It’s about time,” Jose said.

Eventually, CDA employees brought out Fausto’s things.

Soon after, the police showed up.

The Martins took Fausto’s things and headed on their way.

However, they told Action News Jax that they’re not done fighting for their son and brother.

“The state needs to do something. The city has to do something,” Carlos Martins said.