Local woman leads task force after she took dishwashing job to see husband

Governor Ron DeSantis appoints new taskforce to look at ways to connect family members with loved ones in long-term care facilities

New task force for long-term healthcare facilities in Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Mary Daniel wanted to take her concerns right to the top.

Now she’s done it.

She talked to Governor Ron Desantis in person at Elder Source Tuesday afternoon during a roundtable discussion.

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She shared with him ideas on how to safely reunite family members with their loved ones.

The governor appointed a new task force after Daniel took a job as a dishwasher at a Jacksonville memory care facility so she could see her husband.

The governor agrees there are safe ways to connect families.

He even says there are ways people can hug loved ones while staying safe.

He says if people have antibodies, they should be able to go into a facility.

He also said if a family member is wearing PPE, they should be able to hug their loved ones.

“I’m comfortable with PPE. Hell, hug them. If you have PPE on and you hug and don’t sneeze, you’re going to be fine,” governor Desantis said.

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