From the salon chair to vaccination site

Jacksonville salon owner taking clients to get a COVID-19 vaccine after losing a loved one to COVID-19

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Patsy’s Cut and Curl is a staple in the Westside community in Jacksonville. The business has been open since 1981. The owner, Patsy Rhodes, has been doing hair for even longer.

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Her clients are like family, which is why she said she wants to make sure they get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I want them to be healthy,” Rhodes said. “I want them to stick around. I don’t want them to die.”

Recently, while cutting customers’ hair, she started to educate them about the vaccine and where to get it.

“I came in and Patsy said ‘have you had your COVID shot?’ and I said ‘no I don’t know if I’m going to,’” Shirley Douglas said. She’s been a client of Rhodes for years. After some convincing, Douglas had a change of heart, but she didn’t feel comfortable driving to the vaccine site alone.

“I said don’t worry I’ll get you a ride,” Rhodes said. Since then, she has helped get 35 people to vaccine sites.

Rhodes said she was originally hesitant herself. After losing a family member, she decided to get the shot.

“I just lost my grandson’s wife’s father,” Rhodes said. “Every day you hear of somebody. It’s just sad. And, I don’t want nothing to happen to any of my kids, my grandkids.”

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The salon owner drives clients there right after their appointment. If she’s too busy, she arranges for them to get a ride.

“Saying I don’t wanna do it, that was a mistake. I’m glad I got it. I’m glad Patsy pushed me,” Douglas said.