Evans Rowing Club banned from using Mandarin property

Rowing club forced to stop operating in neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A local athletic club is banned from operating out of a Mandarin neighborhood.

Homeowners say Hillwood Road is peaceful almost all the time.

The only exception is when the Evans Rowing team is coming and going.

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Rick Hill said, “What’s not fair in this situation is we’ve been here for 40 years. We didn’t plan on having a rowing club in our neighborhood.”

Video shows cars streaming into the property where the team operates.

“It’s young people and they drive fast and they’re aggressive and they’re just being kids,” Hill said.

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In September, the City of Jacksonville admitted to mistakenly issuing a certificate of use to the business, allowing it to operate in the neighborhood.

A Monday court order said the club can no longer use the property.

Action News Jax e-mailed the city, asking what steps it’s taking to ensure the same error doesn’t happen in another neighborhood.

A response said the city can’t comment as litigation is pending.

“I’m sorry it happened, but I’m glad it happened. They didn’t go about it the right way," Hill said.

Action News Jax called and e-mailed the rowing team but they have yet to respond.