Florida man arrested on child abuse charge after victim ate all the Cheez-Its and drank all the tea

A St. Johns County man was arrested Wednesday after police say he struck a child for "eating all the Cheez-Its and drinking all the tea."

Kerry Knudsen, 58, of St. Augustine, faces a charge of cruelty toward a child after a St. Johns County Sheriff's Office deputy responded to a call to his home in reference to "juvenile problems", according to the arrest report.

Knudsen was highly intoxicated when an officer arrived and told the officer he had gotten into an argument with the child, the report stated.

The officer said things turned physical between the man and the child because Knudsen told the child not to "eat all the Cheez-Its or drink all the tea," but the child did.

During the scuffle, the report says, Knudsen struck the victim in the face with a closed fist, and the child then pushed Knudsen against the wall causing a cut on Knudsen's head.

According to the officer, Knudsen was highly intoxicated and unable to explain how he got the cut on his head.

Jail logs say Knudsen was released Thursday on a $2,500 bond.