Former Fernandina Beach High School student wrote threats to kill

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Fernandina Beach residents say they’re deeply concerned by the arrest of Wesley Twiggs, 20. He was arrested around 2 a.m. Saturday and later released on $25,000 bond after allegedly making threats to carry out a shooting at Fernandina Beach High School. Twiggs formerly attended the high school.

“It’s very scary,” said resident Jennifer Cruz. “I’m concerned for the kids anywhere in the United States, but (especially) here in our hometown!”

Cruz tells Action News Jax she has a nephew at the school.

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Twiggs is charged with written threats to kill, do bodily harm or conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism.

Police tell Action News Jax Twiggs confessed to posting two separate threats on an anonymous chat site:

“My name is Wesley Twiggs and I am going to shoot up Fernandina Beach High School on January 15th.  I will be on the news … so you better keep these messages if you want anyone to believe that this conversation took place.”

“Like, anybody would think that it could never happen here, but it could happen anywhere,” said Cruz.

Officers tell us witnesses of the post outside of Florida took screenshots of the threats and reported them to the FBI. The case was referred to Fernandina police.

Action New Jax reporter Ryan Nelson went to Twiggs' listed address. There was no answer at the front door, and a car parked in the driveway on the opposite side of the home drove away shortly after.

Fernandina police said in a release that Twiggs' his parents “… were extremely cooperative and helpful in resolving this investigation.”

Residents tell us they’re glad the threats were taken seriously.

“My immediate reaction is that it needs to be addressed,” said Cruz. “There’s too many kids that have been involved in active shooter situations.”

Police say no firearms or ammunition have been recovered, and there’s been no evidence to indicate Twiggs had access to firearms or had  actual plans to carry out his threats.