Former Jaguars safety arrested for DUI, reportedly swallowed numerous pills

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Former Jaguars safety Donovin Darius was arrested Sunday and charged with driving under the influence, according to Duval County jail records.

According to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Donovin swallowed 20 to 30 Trazodone pills prior to his arrest and told rescue crews that he was suicidal.

Police responded to the 1800 block of Kernan Boulevard South just after 10 a.m. Sunday to reports of a crash, the report said.

Police found that Darius was the driver of the car that was reported to be involved in the crash.

He “appeared to be disoriented and has slurred speech,” the report said.

After Darius said he swallowed the pills, police found two prescription bottles of Trazodone, an antidepressant, in the center console of the car.

Officers were unable to have Darius take a field sobriety test “because he was unable to stand on his own.” Police said he “could barely open his eyes and his speech was very slurred.”

Darius was taken to the hospital under the Baker Act. The Baker Act allows a person to be involuntarily committed if they are at risk of hurting themselves or others.

Darius consented to a blood draw, but staff at the hospital determined he was not coherent enough to give consent.

Darius is still in the hospital, so he was absentee booked into the Duval County Jail pre-trial detention facility.

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