Frontline workers receive second dose of Pfizer vaccine at UF Health

COVID-19: UF Health employees get second vaccine dose

Jacksonville, FLa. — A little more than 4,000 employees at UF Health in Jacksonville received the first dose Pfizer vaccine.

The vaccines requires two doses and on Tuesday 100 employees took advantage of receiving the second dose of the vaccine.

Dr. Chirag Patel rolled up his sleeves. After waiting three weeks of waiting he’s finally getting the second and final dose of the Pfizer vaccine. “This hurt less for me than the flu shot did which is really surprising. The first time around it was the same thing,” Dr. Patel, Assistant Professor Department of Medicine Division of General Internal Medicine said. Patel says this time around he experienced, “a little muscle soreness but nothing too bad.”

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Action News Jax was there in December when he and other health care workers received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

UF Health told me statewide about 40% of healthcare workers have opted to get a vaccine.

Patel says he knows there’s still some hesitation even among health professionals to get it.

The process to develop the vaccine was a lot faster than it normally would be but it’s not because scientist cut any corners.

“That’s because scientist and experts around the world came together and said let’s try to do this safe and let’s try to do this more efficiently. The bureaucracy and the red tape was cut out of the process which really shortened it,” Patel said.

He says the flu shot is 39% effective and people line up to get it every year, but the Covid-19 vaccine is even more effective.

“The Covid vaccine is greater than 90% effective. You’re getting a whole lot more bang for your buck by getting this vaccine,” Dr. Patel said.

UF Health said employees who want the vaccine can still sign up to receive the Pfizer Vaccine.