• 'Good Samaritan' rescues 3 people after boat sinks near Mayport


    Three people were rescued off the coast of Mayport after their boat sunk Saturday afternoon.

    The U.S. Coast Guard said a "good Samaritan" rescued the three men who were found about 15 miles from the coast. 

    A viewer sent in a video of the rescue.

    Rasika Kripamoya, who was on the charter boat and recorded the video of the rescue, said boaters on a charter fishing boat saved the three men, whose boat had sunk earlier in the day.

    Kripamoya said the men's boat sank about 12:35 p.m. and he and the others on the charter boat came upon them floating in the water.

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    According to the video's Facebook post, the boat took on water after its bilge pump stopped working and then the men were swimming for hours. 

    Ozni Tayag, who helped rescue the men and posted the video, said they had previously seen the men get ice at a nearby bait shop before they went out on the ocean to fish. 

    "Thank God we saw them. Crazy thing is we had gotten ice for them this morning at the bait shop. Be thankful for your life because it can flash before your eyes in a matter of seconds," Tayag said in the post.

    The Coast Guard said the three men were taken to Morning Star Marina.

    No injuries were reported. 

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