Hundreds join March for Science in Jacksonville

Hundreds of people around the world and in Jacksonville are marching for science.

The Jacksonville event is one of 600 marches coinciding with Earth Day. This comes after President Trump’s plan to gut the United States Environmental Protection Agency and cut billions in scientific research.

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“I’m from Wisconsin, not from Florida, but I came here to be a part of this,” said Peggy Schumaker, a supporter of science.

Hundreds met at the Jacksonville Landing, where speakers from diverse disciplines in science and education took the stage. Supporters then hit the streets and marched over the Main Street Bridge to the Museum of Science.

It was political at times, but some participants at the Jacksonville event said it’s not a partisan issue.

“We can’t ignore science just because we have an agenda,” said a supporter.

Another supporters said, “This is a human issue, and we should all be united on this.”

The scientists of tomorrow are worried about how science is being viewed today.

“My message is don’t throw trash or litter in the oceans,” said Luke Meyers, a supporter

"I mean, science can cause problems, but with science, we can stop the problem," said Henry Osiecki, a supporter.

"We need to join together as a nation, as a world, to protect the future of our children," said Schumaker.